A Napa Realtor Tale

pexels-alena-darmel-7641899Spent the day yesterday with a Napa realtor.  He told a story of a couple he represented that wanted to buy a home in Napa during the recent time period where multiple offers were the norm.  In a nutshell, and against his advice, the couple he represented did not give their final and best offer for the home they really wanted.  Consequently, they did not win the bidding war for their dream house, even though they could have afforded it.  So they ended up buying a home in another close by community.  But guess what, to this day, they lament not going all out for the home they really wanted.  So the lesson is, “See home you must have…Give best offer if you must!”  Certainly that applies to markets like the multiple offer market we were in, but does it apply now?  Yes, the only difference is, in today’s market, you probably have some negotiation tools to use.  Just don’t go so far to upset the seller so that they would never sell the home to you no matter what you offer!  Make your dream home happen while you are the only buyer.  If interest rates go down after you purchase, then you can refinance to the lower rate.  Call Michael Mitchell at 530-406-2200, 707-259-1117 or 707-337-5970 cell to pre-qualify today!

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