Before you see a realtor, do this…

Pre-approval!!!  Unless you have cash, this is the strongest method you can put in your realtor’s hand to show you are ready willing and most importantly CAPABLE, of purchasing the home they are showing you.  The first question you will receive from a realtor is, “Are you pre-approved (some will only ask for pre-qualification), and if so, for how much?”  That way, they won’t be wasting your time and theirs looking for homes that are not in your price range.  Depending how strong your pre-approval letter is, may make the difference of a seller choosing your offer over another buyer.  Call us today at Mitchell Mortgage and find out how to get your pre-approval letter right away!  530-406-2200, 707-259-1117, or mobile at 707-337-5970!!!  Then go make an offer on that home of your dreams!

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