Tip on Buying Your Dream Home

pexels-scott-webb-1029599If you have found that dream home, make an offer now!  When rates have risen, like they have recently, it takes a lot of your competition for that perfect home out of the picture.  So in a lot of cases, you will be the only one negotiating with the seller!  That is a lot better than having five other potential buyers bidding for your dream house!  If rates go down, after you have claimed your new home, then you can refinance.  If rates go up, you can be satisfied that you received the lowest rate when you purchased your home.  So go for it!  Claim that dream home today!  Your realtor will still want to see that you are pre-qualified to buy that home, so call Michael Mitchell at 530-406-2200, 707-259-1117 or 707-337-5970 cell, mornings evenings, after hours and weekends!

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