90% Purchase or Refinance with no impounds

You can now purchase new or refinance your existing mortgage up to 90% loan to value in the State of California!  This applies to conventional loans only.  This will save you on recurring closing costs at time of recording. Keep more money in your pocket and pay your taxes and insurance yourself instead of being forced to make those payments monthly with your new loan.  Not all lenders will allow this so call Mitchell Mortgage today and find out how this can help you!  530-406-2200, 707-259-1117 or 707-337-5970 mobile.

Before you see a realtor, do this…

Pre-approval!!!  Unless you have cash, this is the strongest method you can put in your realtor’s hand to show you are ready willing and most importantly CAPABLE, of purchasing the home they are showing you.  The first question you will receive from a realtor is, “Are you pre-approved (some will only ask for pre-qualification), and if so, for how much?”  That way, they won’t be wasting your time and theirs looking for homes that are not in your price range.  Depending how strong your pre-approval letter is, may make the difference of a seller choosing your offer over another buyer.  Call us today at Mitchell Mortgage and find out how to get your pre-approval letter right away!  530-406-2200, 707-259-1117, or mobile at 707-337-5970!!!  Then go make an offer on that home of your dreams!

Woodland, Napa, Davis and Rest of California 30 Year Fixed News

The yield curve is probably not discussed in your everyday conversation…but in the mortgage industry…it is a big deal! In normal financial markets, the rate for a 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 25 fixed mortgages, should be lower than the 30 year fixed. However, the industry has seen a flattening of the yield curve between all of these intervals and the 30 year fixed rate. It appears bond investors aren’t sure where the short term rates will be in the future and they don’t want to be left holding those bonds if Fed actions and/or world events dictate higher interest rates. So without getting too deep here, if you are purchasing or refinancing soon, a 30 year fixed mortgage will likely be your best value.

Woodland, Davis, Napa and the rest of California Tip of the Day!!!

Unrest in financial markets (such as we are going through now with Amazon and Tariffs), usually means interest rates are kept in check because more U.S. Treasury bonds are purchased by large investors as a way to ride out the storm. That means right now is a good time to purchase or refinance. Call Mitchell Mortgage today to get pre-qualified for your purchase loan or to get started on your refinance! 530-406-2200, 707-259-1117, 707-337-5970 mobile.

Rate update!

Unusual day for mortgage interest rates today…no change! It appears the possibility of a trade war has investors somewhat stymied on what to do next. Good time to take advantage of rates now. Give me a call and we will see if it makes sense for you!