Woodland, Davis, Napa and the rest of California Tip of the Day!!!

Unrest in financial markets (such as we are going through now with Amazon and Tariffs), usually means interest rates are kept in check because more U.S. Treasury bonds are purchased by large investors as a way to ride out the storm. That means right now is a good time to purchase or refinance. Call Mitchell Mortgage today to get pre-qualified for your purchase loan or to get started on your refinance! 530-406-2200, 707-259-1117, 707-337-5970 mobile.

Rate update!

Unusual day for mortgage interest rates today…no change! It appears the possibility of a trade war has investors somewhat stymied on what to do next. Good time to take advantage of rates now. Give me a call and we will see if it makes sense for you!

Long term rates unaffected by recent Fed action

The Fed raised short term interest rates last week. FYI – to date, it has only helped long-term interest rates come down…albeit slightly. What it really affects are people who carry balances on their credit cards, Home Equity Lines of Credit and Adjustable Rate home loans. If you are on the fence for a fixed rate mortgage, purchase or refinance…this is a good time to take advantage. Call Michael Mitchell for more information! 530-406-2200, 707-259-1117 or mobile at 707-337-5970!

Tip of the day!

Great news! Now every county in California can get financing up to $679,650.00 up to 80% loan to value. Call Michael Mitchell for more information!


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